We are MD's Cleaning Service, West Michigan's premier carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning experts with over 10 years of professional experience behind us. No other cleaning company can rival us for professionalism and service. We use the latest equipment and techniques that give a really deep down clean, removing the toughest stains and soiling. Servicing Grand Rapids and surrounding West Michigan

Carpet Cleaning

MD’s cleaning takes ultimate pride in our service and our utmost goal is a happy customer.  We've been providing cleaner carpets for over 10 years in Grand Rapids, Michigan. MD’s Cleaning offers exceptional client service and care. Our carpet cleanup specialists are experts at getting those tough stains out, without the use of harsh toxic chemicals

Wood Floors

We offer deep cleaning and refinishing of hardwood flooring as well as deep cleaning of laminate flooring.  Just as other surfaces in our homes need regular cleaning, hardwood floors are just as important to maintain, if not more so.  The dirt and soil that can be held in the grains and joints of the woods will surprise you.  If the thought of that bothers you, just don't look at the waste water when we empty the tank!  Even floors that don't look soiled will produce surprising amounts of soil.  

Grand Rapids
East Kentwood

We specialize in restoring the beauty, vitality and original freshness of all your upholstered furniture. Deep down fabric restoration 
can effectively and economically extend the life of your upholstery by removing contaminants such as household dust, dust mites, pollen and tender. 

We make special consideration for each individuals piece of furniture to determine the most effective treatment. 

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